Profit in Bitcoin

Profit will be credited to your account on hourly basis, you will receive 0.219% profit every hour from the time you made investment.

Best for: Beginners. Bitmont Invest makes investing easy and offers a lot of education around investing, so you can make the best decisions when it comes to your money.

Customer service: Bitmont Invest offers customer service both for technical issues and when you have questions about trading. It has brokers on hand to help with any of your investment questions.

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About Bitmont


100% Mining Power

Get what you pay for. We won't take a percentage of your hashing power off you when you purchase. You will receive exactly what you pay for. No fees. No maintenance. No deductions.


Powered by Antminer

HashPlanet is powered by a large variety of Antminer Bitcoin mining hardware. The leading provider of Bitcoin mining hardware.


Bitcoin payouts

Here at HashPlanet we only accept Bitcoin for payments and we only pay out in Bitcoin. Payouts are easy to create in your user panel.

Statistics and Status

6489906 PH/s Active Hashpower
29630 PH/s Available Hashpower
87647 BTC Paid out
638990 Members
69858 days Site uptime
7487 USD Bitcoin Price